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LAST UPDATE: January 24th, 2003

January 24th, 2003:
Happy New Year 2 y'all!!!1st update of the new year!i hope y'all had a gr8 time during the holidays!

December 15th, 2002:
Ho ho ho,a Merry X-mas and Happy New Year 2 y'all!!!Last update 4 2002!!!U all be Good and Keep it REAL!!!C ya again in 2003 baby,yeah!

November 8th, 2002:
The wait is over!here r some brandnew mp3's 4 all u Pseydaisthiso-maniacs out there!!!the whole set from Koule's Hard-Rock/Classic Rock festival is up!!!Check 'em out NOW!!!
Also, the interview with ROT is upped!check it out!

October 6th, 2002:
New Rollin' Season is about to launch this October!!!New Time is official...check the Rollin' page!

 September 12th, 2002:
OK folks, here i am again as promised.The Summer holidays are gone,so are the semester tests and i have some time to update these pages...

June 10th, 2002:
Last update before the Sommer holidays,yeah baby yeah!:P
Nothing much 2 report except that the 2nd Season of Rollin' is officially over.Check out Rollin' section 4 more.
Pseydaisthiseis r back in the studio 4 more madness,more news 2 come after the break...
C U all in Fall 2002...'till then: KEEP IT REAL!!!

April 19th, 2002:
Hi every1!:) Here i'm again with this months update! Mostly Playlists 4 the Rollin' section that is, but things r awfull quite around Pseydaisthiseis at the moment due to the upcoming Easter holidays here in Greece and the tests after. So, Happy Easter to all and check back afterwards 4 some more updates! Peace!

March 8th, 2002:
So, 'sup yo? i'm cool, ya know...been away quite a while...will be also...but ya know everythin's real around here. added some stuff to this site...check it out! keep it real!

January 29th, 2002:

Hey it's me again with some new stuff 4 my site!:) 1st off...Happy new year 2 y'all!!!I know it's a little late but this is the 1st update of 2002 so...there ya go!:P
Check the Rollin' and Pseydaisthiseis pages 4 updates (added some photos etc.) and the new links.Sorry 4 the long delay but you time!:P
Hope you still like the site,keep the comments coming.
C ya around

December 5th, 2001:

Has it been a month already since the last update? Boy that one slipped away fast!:P Anyway, check out news on both Pseydaisthiseis and Rollin' pages. Keep it Real!!!

November 5th, 2001:

Hi, it's me again, Dj Predator ( TM).
I have good news 4 y'all out there!UoC Radio is finally online!!!That means you can sit back and listen to us via internet right away!check the Rollin' page 4 details!:)
Keep it Real!

October 12th, 2001:

Yo yo yo!!! What's up every1? Here r some more updates 4 ya all...
The new time 4 my show is finally out. The official UoC Radio website is released! New stuff on the ROLLIN' page...check it out!!!

October 3rd, 2001:

Ok as promised, the Pred's back with some major updates.
I uploaded the whole 2nd gig of my band in mp3PRO format, check it out! Also i did some changes with the java's on my site...hope you like 'em! Once again, if you have any comments about the site, the band, the show, anything at all...mail me or ask in the guestbook!
C ya around!

October 1st, 2001:

Yo, what's up yo?
Welcome 2 my brandnew site!I just uploaded it and i have 2 admit that i like it better than my 1st one which was, unfortunately, terminated. I stayed away from uploading any apps this time and the links are lighter as well, but i uploaded more stuff concerning my band and my radio show, which is also pretty cool!:)
The site went online today, October 1st 2001. Anybody who wants 2 wish happy birthday can do that by mailing me!:P
I will update this page as soon as possible, promised!:)
So...enjoy the site



That's me!:P

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