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Clockwise: Lioritsis Giannis, Kalogiannakis Giannis, Skoulas Manos

This page is dedicated to my band!
It's called Pseydaisthiseis ( "Illusions").
It was formed approximately 2 years ago and is right now made up of 5 members...

Asimakis Vasilis-Vocals
Kalogiannakis Giannis-Lead Guitar, vocals
Lioritsis Giannis-Drums
Skoulas Manos-Rhythm Guitar
Tserebelakis Giorgos-Keyboard


November 8th, 2002:
YEEEEHA!!!Here r the mp3's u have all been waiting 4!!!Scroll down,click that link and download the WHOLE gig from September 6th 2002 at Koule!!!

September 12th, 2002:
Long time no see around the band...
Played 2 gigs this summer, one in Gazi Heraklion wich sucked horse ass!:P and one at Koule on September 6th together with Lydian,Suggested Price,Ancient Flame and Event Horizon courtesy of the 2nd annual Rock Festival of Super Soundic!Kicked ass,Mp3's of the gig will be upped will also have noticed that the mp3's from the 27th KNE festival are year was enough i guess!!!if you still want 'em contact me.
tomorrow on september 13th Pseydaisthiseis are to play at the 28th KNE festival here in Heraklion at Georgiadis Park (21:00).check us out.
Also the setup of the band changed during the last past months.Mixalis on the bass left us,then a guy named Giannis joined and played at Gazi and at Koule with us and now we r officially looking for a bass player AGAIN.and who will play bass at tomorrow's gig you ask?MARIA our very first bass player!!!:)))
which honestly comes as a surprise to me...but that's life!!!i think that this is for the live and the live only but anyway it's nice to have her back...even for such a short time.
check this spot for the new Mp3's and for other news!!!
see ya tommorow y'all!

March 8th, 2002:
FINALLY we found a new BASS PLAYER!!!yeah!!!hehe!;-) his name is Mixalis and he rocks!welcome to the band man!so...the search is officially over...thanks for the thousands e-mails,letters and phone calls and sorry to those who couldn't make it!:pPPpP

January 29th, 2002:

We are happy to announce that our Band has gained a new member.His name is Tserebelakis Giorgos and he plays Keyboard.Welcome on board george!:) Giorgos also writes some of the Lyrics for Pseydaisthiseis.The 1st track we jammed 2gether is called "zoo tou xaous (animal of chaos)".The feeling is right...hope that there's more where that came from!We are still looking 4 a bass player though...anyone who is interested check the contact page!

Tserebelakis Giorgos

December 5th, 2001:

The Band Pseydaisthiseis is sad to announce that Maria Brilaki, our Bass player has left the Band for personal reasons. We wish her good luck and shout out a big KEEP IT REAL to her. Thanks 4 the gr8 moments we had together Mary!;-)
So from now on and 'till further notice the Band's lookin' 4 a new Bass player. If you feel you're the lucky one let us now!:P
We will continue...

The highlights of the bands career were 2 live gigs here in Heraklion/Crete ( Greece).
The first appearance was on September 7th 2001 as opener for the 1st Hard-Classic Rock Festival. It was held inside the fortress "Koule" and about 500 people watched it.
The 2nd one on September 15th 2001, also as opening act, for the 27th KNE festival which took place at the Georgiadis Park in Heraklion.
The band mostly plays cover songs of famous greek rock bands and also some international hard-rock and metal tunes.
Right now we are considering to sit down and write some of our own stuff. Check back for news about gigs, releases and so on.
As starters i've uploaded both gigs in mp3PRO format, listen to 'em and let me know whatcha think!:) The quality of some tracks ( especially the ones from the 1st gig) is bad, but the take was not at all professional. I hope it doesn't disturb too much!:P
Also, as you can see i've upped both versions of the logo of the band! Let me know which one you like best!:)
Enjoy yourself!

Giannis Lioritsis (Drummer)


Pseydaisthiseis Logo v.1.0


Pseydaisthiseis Logo v.1.1


Pseydaisthiseis live at Koule ( September 7th, 2001):

01. Intro ( 912 KB/1:56 Min.)

02. Meres Argias, DIAFANA KRINA cover ( 1166 KB/2:29 Min.)

03. Klooyn tin Tetarti tin Kyriaki nekros, DIAFANA KRINA cover ( 2128 KB/4:32 Min.)

04. Xartino Tsirko, TRYPES cover ( 1694 KB/3:36 Min.)

05. Diamantenia Problita, ENDELEXEIA cover ( 2624 KB/5:35 Min.)

06. Pyxida, AXAIOI cover ( 2427 KB/5:10 Min.)

07. Poy na se bro, ENDELEXEIA cover ( 2488 KB/5:18 Min.)

08. Epistrofi stin Fisi, PSOFIOI KORIOI cover ( 1799 KB/3:50 Min.)

09. Smells like Teen Spirit, NIRVANA cover ( 2077 KB/4:25 Min.)

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