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Dj Predator's ( TM) ROLLIN'

Listen to Rollin' LIVE every Friday at 16:00 (GMT +2 Hrs) on UoC Radio!

e-mail the show with your comments, requests etc. at:
or chat with us on IRC's gr-net channel #uocradio
Call this number during the show to talk with Dj Predator ( TM) LIVE to request songs or to give feedback:
Greece: 0810393291
Other countries: +30810393291

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This is the official homepage of my radio show. It's called Rollin', is hosted by me, Dj Predator ( TM) and is aired on UoC Radio ( University of Crete Radio) 96,7 FM Stereo. It is available in Heraklion/Crete ( Greece) and also online!Click on the link above to listen live!
The name of the show was obviously taken from Limp-Bizkit's Rolling...
The first show hit the air on 18-05-2001 and knew instant success!:P I mostly play music i like, namely crossover, rapcore, hardcore, industrial and nu metal. You will hear bands like Korn, Deftones, Limp-Bizkit, Staind, Mudvayne, Pitchshifter, Slipknot, Linkin Park and so on. I think you got the idea.
I've uploaded both versions of the logo of the show ( let me know which one u like best) and the opening spot.Also you can find some MP3PRO's of the shows and the show log...
Keep it Real!
So, 'nough said...TUNE IN AND ENJOY!:)

November 8th, 2002:
The interview with ROT from Novermber 1st is upped!check it out now!also check audio clips from today's show with guest star DJ Gypas!!!

October 10th, 2002:
Uploaded the brandnew opening and ending spots of the 3rd Season. Next months highlight is set. Check this out: on November 1st 2002 ROT will be interviewed LIVE by DJ Predator so don't miss that show...tune in via net or if you are in Heraklion listen on air. check their site for details about their debut album and to give feedback after the show.

October 6th, 2002:
That's it girls and guys!less then a week and counting!!!The new Season is about to hit air like a grenade this Friday!1600 hours sharp!tune in y'all,you won't regret it...Rollin' and DJ Predator are back for more action baby!:) can't wait!!!gimme that feedback after the show y'all...'till then...KEEP IT REAL!!!

September 12th, 2002:
Good news 4 all u Rollin' Fans out there!i Signed up 4 the new Season at UoC Radio today so there WILL definetely be a 3rd Season of ur favorite show!Check this spot 4 news!Also if you need the Logs of the 2nd Season download 'em NOW cuz they're goin' offline!Actually they will be available as zip file for a limited time!Must make some room 4 the 3rd Season!i'm totally excited,hope u guys r 2!:)
Keep it Real!


click here to download the playlists of the complete 2nd season in zip format

ROLLIN' MP3's ( Season2-Show1)

-----END OF SEASON 2-----
As everyone who likes the show noticed there where no shows after the Easter break...
That's right everyone.The 2nd Season of Rollin' is officially over.Due to massive technical problems with the UPS at UoC Radio many shows were cancelled but hey,that's life...The problems aren't fixed even as i write these lines.Hopefully we will be able to get things back in order when the new semester starts in Fall 2002 so that the new Season can be aired.Until then nothing is sure about if there is going to be a 3rd Season but check this spot 4 updates.
Thanks 4 all of you who supported my show in any way...and thanks 2 all who listened to my crap!:P
to all of you...KEEP IT REAL!!!
This is DJ Predator...signing out!:P

season 2 opening spot (R.I.P!:P) (356KB/1:30 Min.)

season 3 opening spot (396KB/1:41 Min.)

season 3 ending spot (56KB/0:14 Min.)


January 17th, 2003:
1st show of the new year and boom...trouble!:P this show wuz cut in half becuz of the *%$#@#% UPS,which broke down after half of the show!crap!!! week there will also be no show (semester tests).c u in 2 weeks then!check out the playlist (half of it that is!:P)

Rollin' Playlist (Season 3-Show 7)

December 13th,2002:
Last show for the old year 2002!Everything went smooth and just fine!Who believes in this Friday 13th Crap anyway?!:P  Last week there was no show due 2 the extremely bad weather situation in Greece (UPS Down). Well well...hear again from the DJ in early 2003... Till then mail the show with feedback and listen 2 my X-Mas and New Year Wishes with Loopu's "Bring on the Mayhem" as backround!!!C ya all in 2003!

Rollin' Playlist (Season 3-Show 6)

click here to listen to DJ Predator's holiday wishes!

November 29th, 2002:
Half of the Show was again performed 2gether with DJ Gypas!Dynamic show,had lots of fun!:)

Rollin' Playlist (Season 3-Show 5)

November 22nd, 2002:
Dynamic return of the DJ after 2 weeks of abscense from the air of UOC Radio.Last week Basilis could be heard during Rollin's time due to me being in Athens.This week i played killer tracks,check out the playlist!!!

Rollin' Playlist (Season 3-Show 4)

November 8th, 2002:
Had a special guest 2day on the show!The lead singer and frontman of my band Pseydaisthiseis Basilis Asimakis!!!This show rocked!Check out some audio files below!:)

Rollin' Playlist (Season 3-Show 3)

click here to listen to parts of the Show

November 1st, 2002:

After the break 4 the elections here in Greece back to the studio with this month's highlight!This show was specially dedicated to the newcomer band ROT! 1 hour full of their music , biographies and news! The lead singer and bass player of the band Payn and Said were interviewed!



Rollin' Playlist Season 3-Show 2

click here to listen to the ROT Interview!

October 11th, 2002:
Kicked off the new season today!was kiiiiler to be back in the studio again!Had a gr8 time,hope u folks out there had one 2!:)
ok as i already mentioned on air,next week there will be no show due to the elections here in greece and me being in athens and c ya again on october 25th for more madness!until then mail me with your feedback and KEEP ON ROLLIN' BABY!

Rollin' Playlist Season 3-Show 1


Rollin' Logo v.1.0


Rollin' Logo v.1.1

C+R UoC Radio and Dj Predator ( TM) in 2001/2002
Dj Predator ( TM) is a registered trademark!:P

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